12 Days Of Music: Day 6

***This track is no longer available! Check the news for today's free download.***


On the 6th day of Christmas we bring you aural delights like none you've heard… 'Unknowness 1'.


This track comes to you from the mind of Peter Knight – and what a mind it is. A wonderful meeting of composed elements and structured improvisation, 'Unknowness 1' dips you in a tasty, alternate reality.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the whole album – and allow yourself the time and space to appreciate it. This is not a McDonalds track to be eaten on the run.

We're half way through our 12 Days Of Music – have you caught all the tracks so far? I'm sure your friends wouldn't be happy if they found out that you knew about this and didn't share it with them… 

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