Motion is the creative talents of Andrew Brooks, Berish Bilander, Nick Abbey and Hugh Harvey. Performing original contemporary improvised music, Motion draws on jazz, contemporary classical, experimental rock and minimalism, the group attempts to blur the lines between composition and improvisation, with a focus on spontaneous interaction. Having performed extensively in Melbourne, Motion toured Perth in September 2009, appearing as part of the TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival.In December, the ensemble released their debut album, ‘Presence’, which featured 8 highly original compositions and guest performances by vocalist Gian Slater and guitarist Brett Thompson. The album also features artwork by the Melbourne based artist Christian Ghezzi, whose photographs and text were inspired by the music of motion and the theme of presence.
‘Presence’ is currently garnering glowing reviews including 4 stars from the Weekend Australian and is available from the Listen/Hear Store. Having completed an East Coast Tour in July/August of 2010, motion are currently working on a follow up album and have plans to tour again in 2011.
The members of motion currently perform with musicians such as Jamie Oehlers, Joe Chindamo, Tony Gould, Paul Grabowsky, James Annesley, ATM15, Zac Hurren and Adam Page.




Motion is…

Andrew Brooks: Saxophones
Berish Bilander:
Piano/Nord Electro
Nick Abbey:
Double Bass
Hugh Harvey:







“a pulsing esoteric mix… highlighting the diversity, capability and imagination of this debut CD.”
John McBeath – The Weekend Australian
“_motion has an ambience all its own, yet transcends the merely ambient (since that term is so often applied to bland, vanilla, soporific keyboardem). Better yet, their compositions allow plenty of room for improvisation and they seem determined to continually strive to push themselves to the very fringe of their comfort zones.”
Lloyd Bradford (Brad) Syke – Australian Stage Online
“It’s blindingly beautiful. Music to shed tears. Or mend a broken heart. Soothing. Healing. Enduring. With no wearout factor (and I should know, as I’ve been moved enough to listen to its recorded counterpart again and again). New agers will approve. As, I think, will classicists and jazzheads. Composing a track likely to appeal to both conservatives and radicals is not to be sneezed at. It flows and ebbs like the tide. Comely indeed.”
Lloyd Bradford (Brad) Syke – Australian Stage Online
_motion delivers emotion, subtlety and strength.”
Roger Mitchell – Sunday Herald Sun



By John McBeath
The Weekend Australian – July 2010
4 Stars
It’s not just the mining industry on the boil in Western Australia, the music industry is also flourishing, especially in the jazz genre. Three of the four musicians in _motion gained a bachelor of music at the WA Academy of Performing Arts before moving to Melbourne. Long-time friends saxophonist Andrew Brooks and pianist Berish Bilander formed this group to explore their interests in jazz, progressive rock, 20th-century classical and ambient music. Bassist Nick Abbey and drummer Hugh Harvey (B. Mus, Adelaide Uni) round out the quartet.
Much of this original album has a tone of cool tranquillity, underpinned by contemporary jazz perceptions. The title track, however, is in a more rhythmic post-bop mode, due to Bilander’s piano theme statement and consequent excitement-stoking breakout. Brooks’s alto solo on Presence at first halves the time against lively drumming, then takes off at full speed, revealing echoes of Paul Desmond. I Heard It Before Part II features wordless vocals from guest Gian Slater in a ballad style, with a steadily climbing harmonic structure, while Missing has Brooks on soprano sax floating serenely in front of out-of-tempo bass, percussive effects and a classical style piano. Guest guitarist Brett Thompson joins the group on Pendulum to introduce some rock sound into a pulsing esoteric mix, highlighting the diversity, capability and imagination of this debut CD.
By Roger Mitchell
Sunday Herald Sun – August 2010
The predominant feature of _motion‘s debut album is beauty, whether in the poetry of Andrew Brooks‘s saxophones, bell-like peals from Berish Bilander’s piano, the delicacy of Hugh Harvey‘s cymbals or luminosity of guest Gian Slater‘s wordless vocals.
Lyrical reedman Graeme Lyall was teaching in WA when Brooks, Bilander and bassist Nick Abbey were students there and it’s easy to imagine his presence on this outing.
But on eight originals by Brooks and Bilander, expressive ballads such as Here.Now and Missing are augmented by passages of quiet strength and slow-built tension (Circle), unexpected turns (Pendulum) and robust, piano-driven rhythm (Presence).
_motion delivers emotion, subtlety and strength.

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