The brainchild of award-winning composer Andrew Murray, ATM15 brings together some of Australia's leading musicians in a big band that blends striking melodies and jazz orchestration with pulsating grooves, powerful bass lines and soul vocals. Performing original compositions and arrangements that range from meticulously crafted modern jazz pieces reminiscent of Bob Brookmeyer's New Art Orchestra, to driving soul tunes that invoke the spirit of the neo-soul movement, ATM15 has been thrilling audiences since its inception in 2009.






Having performed residencies at leading Melbourne music venues such as the Evelyn Hotel, Bar 303 and the Paris Cat, ATM15 have developed an original style that draws on jazz, funk and soul and their debut album, Big Band Reborn delivers a exciting mix of these styles. The album was recorded and mixed at Oakland Productions in Victoria and was mastered by Chris Gehringer (Erykah Badu/Joss Stone) at Sterling Sound, NYC.


"Andrew Murray took my simple tunes and made them into works of art. I haven't heard it yet, but if he does for his own music what he did for mine, I'm sure his band is a wonderful experience. Can't wait to hear it."

- Fred Wesley (USA) Funk Trombone Legend, Musical Director for James Brown

“Andrew Murray is one of Australia’s most talented young composers. He has the unique ability to combine modern jazz sounds with grooves to make you dance in a powerful big band setting. His music is individual, refreshing and cliché free. The music of Andrew Murray is a look into the future of large ensemble jazz.”

- Ed Partyka (Germany) Composition professor at the University of Music in Graz, Austria





ATM15 is…

Conductor: Andrew Murray
Saxophones: Andrew Brooks, Carlo Barbaro, Tom Duck, Lachlan McLean
Trumpet: Michael Fraser, Paddy McMullin, Cam McAllister
Trombone: Alistair Parsons, Andrew Hammon, Michael Potts
Rhodes: Darrin Archer
Guitar: Matt Fagan
Bass: Mick Meagher
Drums: Hugh Harvey



Big Band Reborn






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