Kynan Tan

The talented composer/musician/sound-artist, Kynan Tan joins Listen/Hear Collective with Raetina, a solo electronic work that weaves together glitchy beats and spectral textures. Currently based in Berlin, Kynan is a sound artist who creates installation, performances and recorded works that investigate the use of digital technology in creating immersive and temporal audio-visual environments. His live performance works are based on scored and improvised instrumental parts and real-time manipulation with the computer software Max/MSP, the latest shows featuring vocals, computer generated sound and guitar processed into dense, shifting spectralist textures. Having already with Motion on the Motion Remixed project, Listen/Hear Collective are excited to present Kynan's solo work, Raetina.

In December 2009 Kynan toured Japan, playing 11 shows over 19 days, performing with Kouhei Harada, Psychedelic Desert and Chihei Hatakeyama. This tour also saw the self-release of the Two Clouds EP. Between 2009-2010 Kynan also supported Lawrence English, Daniel Menche and Tom Hall.

Kynan has been involved with several sound installations, including his own Hypnogenia, Floating Spires and Threads installations. Approximately 5000 people viewed and interacted with Hypnogenia while it was installed at Scitech in early 2010. Kynan is also involved in collaborating with film and dance, scoring 20 works in the past 3 years, including two collaborations with LINK Dance Company, with New Zealand Dancer/Choreographer Craig Bary in 2009 and LINK artistic director Michael Whaites in 2010.

Including visual elements into live performances has been a recent focus, manipulating synaesthetic relationships between sound and light to create juxtaposing textures. Kynan has completed his Honours, majoring in Music Technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, a course coordinated and taught by Cat Hope and Lindsay Vickery with guest lecturer Anthony Pateras in 2009.

Kynan currently lives and works in Berlin, is a part of the core group of the Granular Synthesis Composers Collective and is a member of the artist run gallery Free Range.




solo recordings:
listen/hear collective
Two Clouds EP
self released for japan tour
compositions for laptop, voice, guitar and no-input mixer
4 tracks, 23 minutes

Mechanisms of Fracture
by Aletheia (internet streaming ensemble)
Slow Release
live stream recording with griffin university, brisbane

Re: Presence – Motion Remixed
listen/hear collective

track contribution: here.now


Benefit for the Recovery in Japan
listen/hear collective

track contribution: epiphanic

Dada Tapes
independent free release of live recordings
track contribution: hone

Immersive Particles
Slow Release
track contribution: stretched limb from light, steps of steps, paths crossed in draped veins
3 tracks for acousmatic sound, no-input mixer and computer processing


large-scale composition for electroacoustic ensemble
clarinet, bclar, cello, dbl. bass, organ, prepared rhodes, vibraphone, drum kit, computer synthesis and processing



'Kicking off proceedings was Kynan Tan, who has been establishing himself lately not only as a live musician but as an installation artist as well. Tan displayed a masterful understanding of the dynamics of experimental sound, over three pieces that, despite their disparate source material, held together as a cohesive set with a purposeful overall aesthetic. During each piece guitar, voice and analog electronics, and sampled chimes respectively, were delicately pulled apart and stitched back together via glitchy but warm digital processing.' - Adam Trainer, Drum Media, October 2009.

'I saw Kynan Tan for the first time at a showcase of young Perth composers during the TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival. He had written a computer program that converts visual information into sound, through which he ran a video of abstract colours and shapes for the first time at the showcase. It sounded like digital rain, made the brass quartet that played before him look stone-aged by comparison. You can catch his next sound experiment this Saturday suporting Brisbane sound artist Lawrence English with Splendid Friends at No Joke, Scitech' – Matt Giles, The Wire (West Australian), October 2009.



2010 Hypnogenia – audio/visual work. Webcam captures movement in space and translates data into images and sound. Installed at Scitech during a four-week period, early 2010. Approx. 5000 viewers.
2009 Threads – computer generated tones projected through eight speakers. Installed at free range gallery, Perth, September 2009.
2007 Floating Spires – sound installation for 20 windchimes, 6 speakers and computer sound manipulation. Installed at Spectrum Project Space, Perth, June 2007.


2009 Threads/Hallucinations – live/installed laptop performance for 8-speaker system.
2008 Stretched Limb from Light – For clarinet and laptop
2009 Tides – For piano and laptop with four channel speaker system


2007 Best Soundtrack, Revel8 – part of the Revelations International Film Festival.


2009 Caused to Happen – Dance soundtrack w/ Craig Bary (NZ).
2009 An Empty Room – Electronic Dance Soundtrack w/ Emma Fishwick
2008 Foresight – Documentary, collaboration with the ECU Screen Academy


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