Peter Knight’s Fish Boast of Fishing: 4 Stars in The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald's jazz and improvised music writer John Shand recently reviewed Fish Boast of Fishing and awarded it 4 Stars. Read his review below…

Fish Boast of Fishing * * * *
John Shand, 12th February 2012

The new project from Melbournian trumpeter-composer Peter Knight blurs any horizon between composition and improvisation. It is not just method that is obscured – the music itself is a dream-world of sounds materialising and dematerialising. Identifiable instruments such as Adam Simmons's bass clairnet, Frank DiSario's double bass and Joe Talia's drums are surrounded and cushioned by more surreal options emanating from Knight's laptop, Eirk Griswold's prepared piano, Vanessa Tomlinson's tiny percussion sounds and beautiful flashes of Knight's trumpet.

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